10 Gaming Gifts Any Player Will Love In 2022

When buying gaming gifts, you might think that games themselves would be the easy choice. But this can be a bit tricky if you haven’t seen their library of owned or played games. And no one wants to buy someone a game they’ve already played! So if you want to get a gamer gift they’ll love, you have to get a bit creative. Or you can just read this handy list!

BINNUNE Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Starting off with something simple, a Bluetooth gaming headset. No matter what system they play on, any gamer will thank you to the moon and back for a high-quality headset, which is where BINNUNE comes in. The BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset is compatible with PlayStation and PC when wireless but is compatible with all systems when you use the audio jack. It also boasts an impressive 48-hour battery life, so the gaming doesn’t have to stop. And to top it all off, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy!

gaming headset

Nintendo Switch Lite

nintendo gaming system

The younger cousin to the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a more portable version of the original, so you can take your gaming on the road. Its sleek design and lightweight build make it the perfect size to take with you anywhere. With the Switch Lite you can, you can have massive worlds in the palm of your hand!

Backbone Mobile Gaming Controller

If you really want to up your mobile gaming, then you need to invest in the Backbone One for iPhone. Because it connects via your iPhone’s lightning port, it has incredibly low latency for hyperresponsive gameplay. And you can charge your phone while playing with the Backbone pass-through charging feature.

If you want your smartphone to feel like a high-end gaming console, then Backbone is the choice for you.

mobile gaming controller

Steam Deck

gamer gifts

All gamers want one thing, a high-end gaming pc. The problem? Actually finding a good pc that isn’t wildly overpriced can take days of researching and comparing different options. And to top it off, you only get to play on it at home. Unless, of course, you buy the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck has specs that can rival even high-end pcs, but is portable enough to take anywhere. And as the name may suggest, you have access to your entire steam library from anywhere.

Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook

Have you ever wished you could bring a few of your favorite games to the real world? Because of that very reason, the people over at Square Enix cooked up something extra special for its loyal fans. The Final Fantasy XIV cookbook contains over 70 recipes of varying difficulty for new fans or longtime veterans alike. So roll up your sleeves and get cooking with the Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook.

game cookbook

Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time Replica

gaming gifts

Legend of Zelda is a source of nostalgia for gamers across the world and many people’s first introduction to gaming. Zelda undeniably holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Additionally, the music reminds us of some of our happiest childhood memories. So why not try your hand at learning some of it yourself?

This 12-hole ceramic ocarina is made to look like the ocarina from Ocarina of Time. It comes with a handy songbook as well as: a display stand, a protective carrying bag, and a neck strap cord. All in all, this Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time Replica makes a great gift to any gamer with a soft spot for classic games.

Tenmiro Led Strip Lights

Tenmiro LED Strip Lights are the ideal way to set the mood in your space. Simply by changing the lighting of the room, you play in, you can get yourself in the zone. And by connecting your lights to your phone you can change the atmosphere with a click of a button. The app also lets you connect to multiple lights at once, so you can change the color of the lights individually. Lighting changes can also be scheduled to occur automatically throughout the day at specific times.

You can also find a more extensive list of quality LED lights here.

gifts for gamers

Wireless-Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

gaming mouse pad

Another relatively simple option, is a gaming mouse pad. It can be pretty easy to forget to replace your mouse pad, so why not get them a new one for Christmas?

This 4 mm thick gaming mouse pad has 10 different LED light modes(7 static and 3 dynamic) to complete the vibe of your gaming setup. Its most notable feature is that it supports wireless phone charging, so you have to keep track of one less charger.

STREBITO Repair Tool Kit

This one is a bit less traditional but is a lifesaver in a pinch. This STREBITO gaming console repair kit is made up of 142 useful tools and accessories that can get your system up and running in no time. Armed with this kit and a tutorial of your choice, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in repair fees. All for the low price of $30.

game console repair kit

Gaming Subscriptions

gaming Subscriptions
playstation gaming subscription
game gift cards
steam gift card

The last entry to our list is possibly the easiest pick of them all. On Amazon, you can buy digital gift cards to give to the gamer in your life. You can get Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo eShop, Steam, and many more. The only info you need is what system they prefer to play on and you’re set!

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best answer!


When selecting a gift for a gamer, you don’t have to pick out something complicated. An accessory, addition to their setup, or simple merchandise will do, but all they really want is someone to understand their interests. And if you already understand, then you’re on the right track already!

Have fun gaming and happy holidays!

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