Best Smart Backpack For Tech Minded College Students

A list of smart backpacks for the tech-minded college student

A smart backpack can be one of the most powerful tools in a college student’s arsenal. Whether out with friends, commuting, or just grabbing some coffee at your local coffee shop, having a smart backpack to keep your belongings safe and secure can be a real lifesaver.

Most smart backpacks come loaded with additional features to make day to day travel easy. From built in security locks to phone charging ports, you can find a bag to fit your daily needs.

Smart backpack

FENRUIEN 17.3-Inch Hard Shell Smart Backpack

  • waterproof, hard shell exterior with water resistant zippers
  • custom dual smart locks
  • external USB charging port and built in charging cable

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but can certainly buy you piece of mind. The FENRUIEN hard shell backpack is made with security in mind. With a PC and ABS hard shell with a high-density waterproof oxford exterior that provides maximum durability and waterproofing to keep your belongings safe and undamaged.

The interior is designed to provide maximal space and convenience. This bag also comes with a 17.3 inch padded laptop pocket that keeps your mobile office safe from harm. Another important feature to include is the built in USB charging port and power bank compartment. These features let’s this smart backpack act as a charging station when you’re on the move.

And while you travel, the dual zipper locks keep your things out of the hands of any thieves. The locks themselves are also customizable so you can set your own code.

With all these features, it’s no wonder why it has so many positive amazon reviews!

tech backpack

Super Beat Bluetooth Speaker Backpack

  • built in 20 watt speaker with 8 hour play time
  • phone charger power bank
  • water resistant

The Super Beat smart backpack is simple but classy by smart backpack standards. It only has a few features but it uses them in a way that sets it apart from the rest.

This smart backpack features a 20 watt bluetooth speaker. Because the speaker is fully removable, it is TSA compliant and you can take it on planes. You can also use it without the bag itself if you want. And with an 80 hour play time you can jam out for hours.

The Super Beat smart backpack can also be use as a power bank if you want to charge on the go. And an extra bonus is that the entire backpack is made to be water resistant as to protect any electronics or papers you may be carrying.

smart book bag

NOMATIC Smart Backpack

  • RFID protection
  • expansion zipper
  • hide-able straps
  • waterproof exterior

The NOMATIC backpack may be a bit pricey but it’s worth every penny. It’s the perfect mix of form AND function. The refined exterior comes in a classy, charcoal grey material that is ultra durable and cut-proof. And with sturdy long lasting YKK zippers, it’ll last you a lifetime.

One of the other major selling points of this bag is it’s surprising number of pockets. With over 20 individual pockets, Those pockets include:

  • 1 RFID blocking lockable pocket to protect any cards and passports you may have
  • 1 magnetic bottle pocket that snaps closed when not in use
  • 1 large laptop pocket
  • And much more

These paired with a 20 liter carrying capacity, you won’t be running out of space anytime soon. That 20 liter capacity can also be expanded to 24 liters through the use of the expansion zipper on the side of the bag. And if it gets to heavy for your back, the shoulder straps easily tuck away into the bag which allows you to carry it the way you would a brief case by using the side handle.

usb charginging school bag

Kingsons Beam Backpack

  • solar cells with 11V/1.7A peak charge
  • water resistant exterior
  • ergonomic back panel design

The looks of this backpack are beyond what one might expect when they hear “solar panel backpack”. You might imagine some piece of heavy machinery that you have to strap to you back but that is not the case.

This smart backpack feels like something out of the future and looks the part too. The front panel and top zipper flap are both equipped with solar cells that gather energy through being in direct sunlight. This lets you charge your smart devices anywhere without having to search for an outlet. And if you were worried that it might not be strong enough to charge your phone, it can reach a peak of 11 volts and 1.7 amps which is about what you would get out of a fast charger.

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Hp hope Smart Backpack

  • durable high-denier polyester
  • convenient size
  • easy access external USB charging port

While many smart backpacks you find have a certain look and feel to them, the HP hope shows that there is an exception to every rule. The bright peachy color of it brings a bit of life to what is normally an easily overlooked item.

The HP hope is design to be fashionable AND functional though. The bag itself is made to make the most of what is a small space. It almost feels like it’s bigger on the inside. It has three main compartments that all have small pockets to further organize your belongings.

With it’s stylish look and abundance of pockets, the external USB charging port feels more like a bonus than the star of the show.

anti theft book bag

Oscaurt Anti Theft Travel Backpack

  • anti theft design
  • slash resistant material
  • USB charging port

Pick-pocketing can be a real problem when you travel. Whether it’s on the bus, train, or even just walking, your backpack can be the ideal place for people with sticky fingers to go poking and prying. With this in mind, the people over at Oscaurt designed this bag to protect your things from theft with their clever anti-theft design. The Oscaurt smart backpack is built so that all exterior zippers are completely concealed from view, making it difficult to steal form.

The inside of the backpack is rather spacious and comes with a 15.6 inch laptop pocket. It also supports USB charging through use of a charging port.


Smart backpacks can be a super useful tool for anyone who needs to keep their things safe when on the go, but especially college students. When you need to keep your laptop or homework safe, you can pick from any of the great options listed above. If you want even more info on what to look for when picking out a backpack, you can check out our handy guide here.

So walk with confidence, knowing your belongings are safe, sound, and secure within a smart backpack.

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