The 10 Best Lamps To Brighten Your Day

Finding it hard to agree on a time to turn of the lights with your roommate? Looking for a lamp to light up your desk late at night? Here at CollegeTechBits we have done the research and found our favorite lamps for students.

What is the best lamp for a college dorm? When looking for a new lamp, students should look out for these three features. A new lamp should provide antique lighting, limit the amount of heat emitted, and be the appropriate size for a dorm room. We have created a list of our top 10 favorite lamps based on these three things. Continue reading to see why each one made our list and why these lamps will make a great addition to your dorm room.

Lampat LED Desk Lamp

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Lampat’s desk lamp is a feature-packed desk lamp at a very affordable price making it a great pick for any college student. We love the included 4 color modes that allow the lamp to adjust to its use case. For example, the lamp is able to switch between a reading and study mode reducing the strain on your eyes. The lamp also includes LED lights which are a great alternative to traditional bulbs. LED lights are more energy-efficient and emit less heat than other bulbs.

Lampat also includes a USB charging port allowing you to charge your phone. However, since it’s only being a 1A port, you should expect a slow charge. To minimalize the space it takes up, this desk lamp is also designed to be retracted, which makes it great for small dorm rooms. Overall, the Lampat LED Desk Lamp will be a great fit for any dorm room looking to add a little light to a dim desk.

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

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LEPOWER has gone for a more traditional look with their metal desk lamp which some students may find more appealing. We recommend using a LED bulb for less power draw and a decrease in heat making this lamp even better. Make sure the bulbs you buy are the correct size, because this lamp does require an E26 base for bulbs. LEPOWER has also built in an adjustable gooseneck making it easier to position the light in the optimal location. The switch according to other users is very high quality and works well.

The sizing of the lamp is also perfect being just right for a desk without taking up to much space. The LEPOWER metal desk lamp comes in six different colors letting you customize the lamp to your liking. If your looking for a more traditional look then check out LEPOWER’s metal desk lamp.

Simple Designs Desk Lamp

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Simple Design’s desk lamp is the most basic lamp on our are list but don’t let that scare you away. Priced only at $10, this desk lamp really gets the basics correct while still looking good. With an adjustable gooseneck, this light allows you to adjust the angle of the lampshade with ease. The inclusion of the button on the base is a nice touch making it easier to turn this light on and off.

When picking a bulb to put in the lamp be weary that older bulbs will produce a lot of heat. This will cause the lampshade to get very hot so be careful. If your looking for the ultimate budge desk lamp then check out Simple Design’s desk lamp.


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JUKSTG has taken a more modern approach when designing its desk lamp. With built-in LEDs, you don’t have to worry about the lamp getting too hot. The lights are also flicker-free which is great for reducing eye strain making it easier to use the lamp for long periods of time. The stand is also fantastic letting you adjust the lamp not only vertically but horizontally which is common on most lamps at this price point.

JUKSTG touch controls are also great making it easy to switch between 4 different lighting modes. These modes adjust the color of the lamp matching the activity you’ll be doing. There is also an option to change the brightness of the lamp letting you adjust the light to your liking. We also liked the addition of a 60-minute timer letting the lamp turn off after 60 minutes. This lamp also includes a USB port to charge your phone but is only rated at 1A. This will significantly slow charging times so avoid using this if not necessary. If your looking for a good-looking lamp that can fit in the dorm room check out JUKSTG’s desk lamp.

AFROG Multifunctional Desk Lamp

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AFROG went for a different approach when creating this lamp. The first thing that stands out with this desk lamp is the inclusion of a wireless charging pad at the base of the lamp. This is great for students that own devices that can be wirelessly charged making it easy to simply set your phone down and see the battery go up. This lamp also includes a USB port like other modern lamps to charge electronics except this one is actually rated at 2A. This means anything you plugin that has the ability to fast charge will be able to with this lamp.

Other features this lamp includes are five different lighting modes with five different brightness settings. A 30min/60min sleep timer and eye flicker-free lights. The lamp shape is also very ergonomic letting it fit inside tight spaces very well. If you want something that is featured-packed then check out AFROG’s multifunctional desk lamp.

LEPOWER Clip On Light

Sometimes having a clip-on light is more reasonable because of their small form factor. They are also very portable making it easier to move the light around and position it where it needs to go. LEPOWER has one of the highest-rated clip-on lamps on Amazon. Built with a flexible neck lets the lamp be position anywhere making it great for bed frames and desks. LEPOWER also includes a switch to change the color of the light from white light to a warmer light. This lets you reduce the strain of the white light at night by switching over to a warmer light. If your looking for something more portable then check out LEPOWER’s clip-on light.

Amazlit Clamp Desk Lamp

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Amazlit has one of the best clamp-on desk lamps on the market and for good reason. With a large swivel arm, this lamp is perfect for lighting up your entire desk with ease. The built-in LEDs make it easier than ever to switch between five different color options and five brightness options. Amazlit also included smart memory letting the lamp remember your settings every time you turn it off making it quick to get back where you started.

The only thing to look out for if you decide to get the Amazlit is the size of the lamp. It is on the bigger side so it may be too big for your room depending on your layout. If you want a great modern clamp desk lamp check out Amazlit.


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Okay, this one is really cool and we had to include it on our list. LOGROTATE’s moonlight is a model-sized moon lamp that can change into 16 different colors. The included remote makes it very easy to change between colors and lighting modes. The Moon Light also comes with rechargeable batteries letting you put the moonlight anywhere in your room.

If you’re looking for something fun to add to your dorm room then check out LORGORTATE’s moonlight.

AXX Desk Lamp

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This desk lamp is a little different than the other lamps on this list. AXX’s desk lamp has a built-in storage container to hold pens making it great for students that like to be organized. The base of the lamp also includes a rubber foot to hold your phone letting you view it without having to hold it. The desk lamp also includes rechargeable batteries allowing the lamp to be put anywhere in your apartment without a need to plug it in. If you’re looking for a lamp to help you stay organized then checkout AXX’s desk lamp.

Miday Ring Desk Lamp

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Having a desk lamp with a ring shape for the LEDs not only gives the lamp a more modern look but also helps with eye strain. This lamp comes with three different lighting modes and four brightness modes making it great for any environment. The lamp’s ring shape makes the light more uniform when in use making it great for long study periods. Miday also includes a 12-month warranty covering any failures in full payment. If your looking for something a little different than the other lamps on our list check out Miday’s ring desk lamp.


We stand by our list and hopefully, you found a lamp that will lighten your day. Remember to look out for lamps that provide optimal lighting, minimal heat production, and are sized appropriately.


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