Best Time Management Apps and Websites for College

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7 Time Management Apps and a Few Tips to Keep Deadline Anxiety Away

Time management is one of the single biggest sources of anxiety and stress in college. Feelings of dread creep in with every new deadline. Before you know it, deadlines are right around the corner and you’re forced to pull back-to-back all-nighters. There are apps and websites designed to help with these struggles and can help you build good scheduling habits.

When looking for guidance with managing your time, it can be a good idea to turn to automation. Through the use of automation, you can get real-time feedback and notifications to better your time management skills. To help you skip the search for these apps, we made this list of some of our favorites. All of the apps on this list stand out in some way or have some key features that put them in a class of their own.

And if you read through to the end, we also included a few tips to help you get the most out of your time.


Clockify is a completely free time-keeping app with a ton of useful features for students and freelancers alike. It lets you track time spent on activities and schedule when you want things to get done. Tracking your hours and calculating payment for a side hustle or freelance job is another way to use Clockify.

Because its features center on tracking time rather than reminders, for college students it’s mostly useful for gaining insight into what you spend the most time on throughout the day. With this insight, you can alter your habits and learn to make proper use of your time. Knowing how much free time you actually have can be useful when putting together a routine.


With RIZE you don’t have to worry about starting or stopping timers or even checking your calendar. This is because one of the coolest features RIZE has. In order to help you with time management, it will notify you when your scheduled time is done for the day. Additionally, with RIZE being integrated with your calendar, time for homework can be set aside in advance.

To combat overworking, there is also a feature that will notify you if you spend too much time working and will encourage you to take breaks.

Even when on schedule, maintaining focus can be a challenge. RIZE also has a focus tracker to help you remove distractions as they arise.


ClickUp is designed with teamwork in mind. Group projects are a breeze with ClickUp because of the fact that for a few dollars, you have a pre-made team managing app that let’s you delegate responsibilities among your group. It also has unlimited storage so you can upload any info that the team needs so everyone can view it. The list of amazing features that ClickUp is too long to list here and we highly recommend it for small teams who need to keep everything in order.

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When disorganization strikes, Trello is there to save the day! Trello is a free project management app/website that lets you organize your projects in an easily understood manner through the use of a simple system. Board, lists, and cards are the primary ordering system. The system works like this: boards are for large or continuous projects, lists are for organizing what phase a task is at(started, due, finished, etc.), and cards are the smallest unit of information often used for individual tasks. By using this system, you can keep all of your personal or group projects moving like a well-oiled machine!

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Having trouble staying focused? Do you find yourself looking for distractions? RescueTime is here to help! You’ll find that your productivity shoots through the roof when using it. Through frequent reminders, time tracking and analysis, and distraction-blocking technology, RescueTime has earned the title of one of the best productivity boosters on the market. You’ll also find that it’s hassle-free and sits quietly in the background, automatically tracking your time and sending helpful reminders to help you stay on task.

And best of all, it has a robust free version that can satisfy any of your time management needs.

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Remember The Milk

The name and logo may be a bit goofy but they take your time seriously. Remember The Milk is an incredibly popular time management tool used by literal MILLIONS nationwide to remember things. It’s great for keeping track of things like grocery lists, daily schedules, or (what’s probably important to you) assignments and classwork.

Remember The Milk works with your google assistant which allows it to seamlessly integrate into your existing calendar. Because of this, you can start using it immediately with no problem.

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Todoist is one of the best productivity-managing web tools money can buy. With only a few dollars a month, you can have access to services that may single-handedly save the productivity of you and your group. It seamlessly integrates into preexisting methods by grouping together the apps you already use into an easy to understand the system. A system that you have almost total control over. Because you can add custom filters to search through your to-do list, you can keep yourself organized with ease.

This paired with the sheer number of apps it integrates made it a must-pick for this list.

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Tips and tricks for Healthy and Efficient Time Management

Don’t Brute Force It

When developing a schedule, you may think that your problem is a lack of discipline, but that may not be the case. You likely have a lot on your plate already and shouldn’t be afraid of using outside help. Whether it’s another person or one of the apps in this article, you should make use of any resources you have at your disposal. Even pros use automation to help get things done.

Develop a routine

It may sound obvious, but having a set routine that you can slot tasks into can be a real lifesaver. In general, your routine should be shaped around your needs initially, but once it’s in place, try as hard as you can to stick to it. It helps to have your routine somewhat flexible but not too up in the air. Having designated work and play time has been proven to work in more than a few studies.

And remember that the first few weeks of making a routine are the hardest part.

Find Workarounds

When you work, be on the lookout for shortcuts or workarounds to speed up your pace. Every second you can save is another second you can use to relax afterward.

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