Bose QC35 II Review

It’s not often that I truly fall in love with a product but Bose really delivers with the QC35 II. I have had these headphones for two years and they still work like the first day I got them. I use them about every day at work and even take them to the gym. If you want a great pair of noise cancelation headphones I highly recommend the Bose QC35 II. If you don’t want to read my reasons and just want the headphones here is the link.

An Amazing Pair Of Headphones

There are many things Bose did right with these headphones from them being some of the best sounding cans on the market to one of the most comfortable headphones. Overall, Bose really gives you a lot of features for a very reasonable price. In my time using them, I never had a problem with them which I give credit to the astounding build quality.

Build Quality

The QC35s are built with hard plastic that does a great job of keeping scratches off. The case included is also a great accessory to keep everything protected and neat. The only really noticeable wear on my headphones is the ear cups which can easily be replaced and washed. I actually had my dog chew up my old ear cups unfortunately but I was able to find a great replacement on amazon. I’ll provide the link here if you’re interested.


One of the coolest features is the multi-paring Bluetooth on devices. For example, when I’m using my laptop I like to listen to music and watch videos while I’m working. I can also pair to my phone at the same time so when I get a call it switches straight over. Such a cool feature that I find myself using often making things so much easier.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is also amazing on these things leaving everything really balanced. The vocals are crystal clear with the bass giving you a solid sound without overpowering everything else. In Bluetooth mode, the sounds are still fantastic even sounding better with noise cancellation turned on.

Noise Cancellation

It’s easy for me to say these are the best noise cancellation headphones on the market. I have used these countless times to study and they do a great job of drowning outside noise. This is especially true with my roommates, who love watching TV at full volume late on weekdays so trust me when I say they work.

Battery Life

Battery Life is great lasting 20 hours according to Bose’s website. In my personal use, I would say they do hit that mark as long as you turn them off when you’re not using them. The headphones charge through a micro USB port located under the right ear cup. It’s unfortunate that they aren’t USB C but not a big deal as they do charge very quickly. I can charge them for 15 minutes and get around 2 hours of playtime out of them using them in Bluetooth mode.


I love my pair of headphones and will continue to use them every day as my main audio device. If you are even considering getting a pair of headphones just get the QC35 II I promise you’ll not be disappointed. I have included a link to Amazon so you can check them out for yourself.