SoundPeats Wireless Buds Review

I just want to start and say these things are amazing. Like seriously for the price nothing comes close to these things. SoundPeats really has created the ultimate budget wireless earbuds that in all honestly sound like $100 earbuds. These things are great and are easily worth a pick up if you’re looking for some wireless buds. If you want to skip my boring explanation of why these things are so great then click the link here.

The Ulitimate Budget Friendly Wireless Buds

I found these buds over two years ago when was I tired of my air pods falling out of my ears. I was looking for something that would stay in my ears and not break the bank and I came across these. I saw the overwhelmingly good reviews and thought there just $30 I’ll give them a shot. Fast forward to now and I have sold my air pods and exclusively use these buds.

Sound Quality

This was the first thing that blew me away. These buds sound amazing and really do feel like more premium products. The sound is loud and the bass is very punchy which I enjoy. They aren’t up to audiophile sound level but seriously for $30 these things are awesome.

Build Quality

I still have my first pair and they work just like they did when I first bought them. The sounds still sound great and the buttons still function. I did six months ago leave these in my gym shorts and washed them and they still worked! I thought well I guess I have to get another pair, no these things came back to life.

Battery Life

SoundPeats say that the battery life for each bud is 3.5 to 4 hours. I found that mine do last that long but more towards the 3.5-hour mark. They also say the case can charge 9-10 times per charge. I would say that mine was less more towards 8-9 but still great. I will say that you will want to make sure that yours is charged. When the battery gets low an annoying voice keeps reminding you that you’re running out of juice.


The buds come with Bluetooth 5.0 which is awesome letting me not have to have my phone right by me. When pairing the buds your phone will pair to the right bud just remember that. If you pair to the left one and try to use both you’ll only hear sound on the left bud. You can also pair each bud separately if you want to use one at a time.


SoundPeats Wireless Buds really are amazing and will provide you with the basic features you would expect from a wireless bud. They really are the ultimate budget wireless buds. If you want to pick up a pair check this link out here.