Staying Cool In School: The Best 15 Fans For College

Dorm rooms can get hot, especially during the Summer. Having a fan to cool you down is a must. Here at CollegeTechBits, we have researched and found our favorite fans to keep you cool while you’re in school.

What fans are the best for college? Finding the best fan isn’t as easy as you would think with so many options available. We found that getting a fan that was portable, cool, and quiet was a top priority for most students. After reviewing a few fans we found 15 that will serve you well through your college career. Continue reading to see why we liked each fan and what makes it so special.

Best Fan For Your Room

Before we get into our list we want to discuss what type of fan will be best for your room. Currently, there are 3 types of fans standing, tower, and desk. All 3 do the same thing but are sized differently. Depending on your room size one fan type may be better than another. We recommend desk fans for very small rooms as they only take up a corner of your desk and provide adequate cooling. If you’re lucky enough to have a bigger room you’ll find that standing and tower fans will do a better job of cooling off your room than a desk fan.

Vornado Pivot: Best Desktop Fan

The Vornado Pivot is our favorite desktop fan for any student living in a dorm. For those who don’t know about Vornado, there is a company that specializes in air circulators. They make some of the best fans on the market and our list shows that they really have got a hold on what makes a fan good. The Vornado Pivot is a perfect example of this. Built with high-quality materials, the Pivot really screams premium at a very affordable price point of $20.

The main features of the Pivot are simple but will cover most students’ needs. The Pivot has 3-speed modes with the highest mode only reaching 40 decibels. This is comparable to a whisper making this virtually silent on the lowest setting. The frame is great for positioning the fan and looks amazing giving the fan a very modern look. We highly recommend getting the Vornado Pivot for those wanting the best bang for their buck.

Vornado 630: Best Large Room Floor Fan

We love the Vornado 630 for its ability to cool an entire room without having to oscillate. Made by the same company as the Pivot, the 630 is not like a traditional fan. Instead of making constant gusts of wind the Vornado 630 is a vortex fan letting it effectively reach every corner of your room without having to move.

Vornado also nailed the sound of the 630 making it one of the quietest fans we have ever heard. What makes this so amazing is the volume of 630 being compared to the size of a soccer ball. The 630 is also backed by Vornado’s 5-year warranty making it again one of the best fans on the market. We again highly recommend the Vornado 630 for any student looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Vornado 460: A Great Alterntive to the 630

Those who find the Vornado 630 to be a little pricey then we recommend picking up a 460 instead. Price $15 cheaper than the 630, the Vornado 460 acts very similar to its bigger brother. It is smaller in size resulting in less airflow making it not ideal for large rooms but can hold its own in smaller living quarters. We did enjoy that the fan’s smaller blades resulted in quieter sounds. This makes the 460 great for bedrooms of light sleepers and those who live in hotter climates. If you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper then the Vornado 460 is a great option.

Lasko Electric 42: Best Tower Fan

Lasko has created one of the best tower fans on the market that not only performs good but is priced very competitively. Coming in around $60, Lasko has really pushed to get the best quality product at the most affordable price. The Electric 42 is the best floor fan period on the market and is a no-brainer if you wanting a tower fan. It has all 3 features we look for in a fan. Its whisper-quiet even under heavy load, it provides some of the best cooling we have ever seen from a tower fan, and it’s very portable letting you move it anywhere.

Did we also mention it comes with a remote giving you the option to change it at night without having to get out of bed. If you’re looking for a fan to keep your room cool and quiet we recommend picking up the Lasko Electric 42.

Lasko 2511 36: Great Alterntive To Electric 42

It’s hard to say that one fan will be able to cover everyone’s needs. That’s why we have included Lasko’s 2511 36 inches tall tower fan. If you have a smaller room or are looking to spend a little less cash then we recommend getting the Lasko 2511 36. With nearly the same features as the Electic 42 but coming in $20 cheaper, it’s hard not to recommend to students.

Amazon Basics Oscillating Fan: Best Standing Fan

Sometimes going back to the basics is really the best approach for finding the best fan on the market. Amazon has kept things simple and has made a great standing fan for students. What surprised us the most about this fan is that it’s relativity quiet compared to other standing fans. We also appreciate the included remote that makes using this fan even better. The remote has 18 different settings allowing you to fully customize the optimal fan speed for your room. It’s not very often do you find a standing fan that only costs $40 that comes with a great remote. If you want something reliable and affordable go with the Amazon Basics Oscillating Fan.

Blueair Blue Pure: Best Purifying Fan

Getting a fan that can purify as well as keep you cool is a very cool concept. Blueair has delivered and has created the Blue Pure Fan. The Blue Pure cleans the air as it blows, removing dust and pollen from the air. This helps those with allergies making it easier on your nose. With up to 5 choices on filter colors, it gives each Blue Pure a personal look letting you express yourself. The filters included are also machine washable letting you use them over and over again without having to buy new ones.

The Blue Pure also blows at 90 degrees letting it reach your whole room without oscillating. We also enjoy the portability of the Blue Pure making it great to use as a desk or floor fan. For those who need something to clean the air around them, we recommend getting the Blueair Blue Pure.

Vornado VFAN Mini Classic: Best Looking Fan

Vornado really is a great company and again has made our list. The Vornado VFAN is another great fan but what makes it even greater is the styling that Vornado chooses for this model. They went with a retro look that we really enjoyed and thought that some of you would too. Not only does the VFAN have good looks it also performs as you would expect being a Vornado fan. If you want to spice up your desk then pick up the Vornado VFAN Mini Classic.


Finding the perfect fan for your dorm can be difficult. Hopefully, after reading about our recommendations some of that confusion is gone. We stand by our list and know that each fan will serve you well keeping you cool for the years to come.


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