The Best 8 Alarm Clocks To Never Miss Class

How reliable is your alarm clock? Find yourself sleeping in and missing class often? Here at CollegeTechBits, we have researched and found the best alarm clocks on the market.

What is the best alarm clock for a college? When looking for a new alarm clock you’ll want one that is reliable and easy to use. Thanks to CollegeTechBits, we have found 8 alarm clocks that will help you roll out of bed. Continue reading if you want to see why we like each alarm clock and what features it includes.

Jall Store Wooden Alarm Clock: Best Overall

When looking for the best alarm clocks the wooden alarm clock by Jall Store stood out to us. With a very modern look, the Wooden Alarm Clock has all the features a student would ever need. It includes a large display making it easy for heavy sleepers to see the time with ease. It also includes two alarm settings making it great to help you get out of bed. The alarm clock can be powered with batteries or a USB cable making this alarm clock impossible to turn off. We also love that it displays the temperature and the humidity letting you know how hot your room is.

If you’re looking for a basic alarm clock to wake you up every morning and look good while doing it pick up Jall Store’s Wooden Alarm Clock.

Amazon Basics Alarm Clock: Budget Friendly

Amazon Basics really delivers and gives you the bare necessities at the cheapest price possible. This is the case with their alarm clock giving you everything you need for just $10. Amazon’s alarm clock is great for waking you up in the morning and not looking too obnoxious on your desk. We like the green lighting in the display making it stand out a bit from more traditional alarm clocks. It also includes a battery slot letting the alarm clock be placed anywhere in your room.

If your looking just for a typical alarm clock then go with Amazon Basic’s Alarm Clock.

Sonic Bomb: Best For Heavy Sleepers

Your roommates may hate you for this one but this alarm clock is built for the heaviest of sleepers. With an extremely loud alarm reaching up to 113db, this alarm is sure to wake up your whole apartment. If that still doesn’t wake you up then the flashing lights and included bed shaker will. This alarm clock is built to get up the heaviest of sleepers making sure you’ll never sleep through class again. The Sonic Bomb does include volume control letting you change the volume of the alarm and a battery backup.

If you are a heavy sleeper and need something extra to wake you up then the Sonic Bomb will DO THE JOB!

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock: Best Classic Alarm Clock

Finding alarm clocks that not only perform well but look good can be hard. If you’re looking for a classic-looking alarm clock that will still wake you up in the morning, then Peakeep’s Twin Bell Alarm Clock is perfect. Coming in five different colors and measuring only 4 inches tall the Peakeep is one of the cutest alarm clocks around. Don’t be fooled by this alarm clocks style either it is one of the louder alarm clocks around and will send you into a panic looking to turn it off.

If you want something more retro-looking take a look at Peakeep’s Twin Bell Alarm Clock.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock: Wake Up Naturally

If your not a fan of shrill noises and flashing light then maybe the Wake Up Light might be for you. With the idea in mind of waking up in a more natural way, the Wake Up Light uses soothing lights and sounds to wake you up. The alarm clock will begin to light up 30 minutes before it’s time to wake up. It slowly increases the brightness making it a more natural way to wake up. Wake Up Light also includes seven different sounds that you can choose from and includes an FM radio.

If your looking for a more natural way to wake up check out the Wake Up Light Alarm Clock.

I-Box Radio Alarm Clock: Best To Charge Your Phone

Sometimes having an alarm clock that not only wakes you up in the morning but also charges your phone can be very useful. I-Box’s alarm clock is great including a wireless charger on the top of the alarm clock letting you set your phone or smartwatch on top. The alarm clock also has a Bluetooth speaker built-in letting you listen to music while sleeping or studying. I-Box also includes a 12-month warranty making it hard to pass up on this alarm clock.

If you want an alarm clock with a few more features checkout I-Box’s Radio Alarm Clock.

Echo Dot: Best Smart Alarm Clock

Amazon recently updated the original echo dot and added a display for a clock making it great as an alarm clock. It does cost more than a basic alarm clock but with tons of built-in features, it’s easy to justify the price point. The Echo Dot of course comes with Alex, a personal voice assistant. This opens the doors to let you set alarms and times through your voice making set up very easy with the echo dot. The Echo Dot can also be used to play music letting you relax and wind down at night. It also lets you call other people making it great to call in sick for school.

If you want the best smart alarm clock the echo dot is what we recommend.

Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock: Best Display

Sometimes having an alarm clock with a large number is a must for those that have a hard time seeing. Travelwey’s Digital Alarm Clock has a great display that will make it very easy to read the time late at night. The clock also includes a dimmer allowing students to reduce the brightness to make it more comfortable at night. The alarm clock also has a night light on the top making it easy to reach the restroom at night.

If you need a good display then try out Travelwey’s Digital Alarm Clock.


Finding an alarm clock isn’t all that hard but finding a good one is. That’s why we have included our favorite alarm clocks and hopefully, you found one that will work for you.


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