The Best String Lights To Light Up Your Dorm

Long ago, when times were at their darkest, string lights came to shine light on the world!

Okay… maybe not. But you can use them to brighten up your dorm room or apartment. They’re a relatively cheap but effective way to change the vibes of any room, turning even the most dismal room into a place you can relax in. The only hard part is choosing some from wide selection of similar products. So we decided to shed some light on the topic.

What are the best string lights for your college dorm? The Koopower’s 200 LED Light String will make a great addition to your dorm room. If you want to know why I like Koopower’s 200 LED Lights then I have made a comprehensive list of features below. I have also included other light strips that may work better depending on your needs.

What To Look For In String Lights?

Before I get into my list I want to talk about what makes a string light good. There are a lot of different factors that all play into how you should judge the quality of them. Here is just a few that will help you when you’re deciding on which ones to go with.

  • Length
  • Number Of Lights
  • Dimmable
  • Included Remote

Each of these features is important in finding the best string lights for your dorm room. Length is important and should be the first thing considered so you can be sure that the lights will be able to cover your room. The number of lights is also an important factor depending on how you want to use the lights. If you’re looking for more ambient lighting then fewer lights will be a better fit, while having more, will serve better as a primary light source for your room.

It’s also key to have different dimming features to match the mood you want your room to give off. This can make or break your room as having adjustable lighting will give you the ability to try different lighting. You can’t forget a remote either!

Koopower LED String Lights: Best Overall

string lights

The Koopower lights will pimp out your dorm room with an included 200 LED lights, giving you plenty of lighting. Coming in at 69ft long these lights will be able to cover an area of a dorm room easily with room to spare. The included remote comes with 8 different dimming modes so you can set the mood of the light very easily. Another added benefit is the lights are IP65 rated which means the lights are water resistant. This means you can use the lights outside if you would like.

If you want to get these lights right now Amazon has a 50% off making these a steal.

Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain: Best Curtain Lights

curtain string lights

Sometimes string lights aren’t what your looking for. So try a curtain! The Twinkle Star has 300 LEDs that is sized at 6.6ft by 9.8ft. These lights are great if your looking to hang them on walls and curtains. The lights are also IP44 rated letting you use them outside if needs be. The 300 LEDs also have 8 preset modes that can be toggle through to change the lighting effect of each light.

If you’re looking for some curtain lighting then the Twinkle Star is a great pick.

GDEALER Multi Color LED: Best Multi Color Pack

LED string lights

If white isn’t your thing then GDEALER has a great 4 pack of multi colored LED string lights. Each pack comes with remote and a 16.4ft long strand of lights. You will need to purchase batteries separately but what makes these cool is you can change the color of the lights to your liking. The added benefit is that the strands all work separately allowing you to use them in different areas of your dorm.

If white is to boring for you, pick up GDEALER’s multi color LED string lights to spruce up your room.

Minetom Globe Lights: Best Globe String Lights

string light

If your not a fan of the fairly light look of most string lights, then globe lights may be up your alley. Minetom provides a great light string full of 100 LED globe lights. Each globe is sized to be about the size of a quarter coming in around an inch long. The lights are rated IP44 making them great for the indoors and outdoors. The 100 LED version is 33 ft long coming with 8 different lighting modes. Minetom also includes the option of plugging these lights in our using a battery pack if you want to go mobile.

If you not a fan of fairy lights then check out Minetom’s globe lights.

Vont Starry Fairy Lights: Best Fairy Lights

fairy lights

Vont really has made the most “magical” fairy lights out there. Price very competivity there is a reason these lights are so popular. Containing 200 LEDs you will be sure to have enough lights to cover your room. Vont knows that reaching every corner of your room is important and has made the length of the light strand a huge 66ft. They also provide an on and off switched built into the line so you don’t have to unplug the lights when you aren’t using them. I also love that the lights are USB powered making them easy to plug into a wall with an adapter or go mobile with a battery bank.

If you want to make sure you have the best fairy lights on the market then be sure to go with Vont’s Saryy Fairy Lights.

final Things to keep in mind

When looking into string lights, it can be a good idea to map out where you want to put them ahead of time. Knowing how long you need them to be is rather helpful. One thing that is commonly forgotten about is outlets. Even when you layout where you want them, be sure to incorporate outlet placement into you measurements.

You should brush up on your dorm room policies about string lights. Some dorms have outright banned them out of the fear of potential fires.

With all of this in mind, you’re ready to go out and find something to brighten up your room (and your day).


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